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Curtain Tracks

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Glide & Ripple Curtain Tracks

Blind Designs Glide and Ripple Curtain Tracks are heavy-duty, suitable for wide curtains and heavier-weight curtain fabric. The advised weight limit for the fabric is 10kg per meter. Tracks are supplied as standard with 8-wheeled master carriers. Master Carrier ensures maximum drive stability and the arms can be configured to suit a variety of applications and curtain stacking options (straight and overlap for center split, straight arm for a left or right stack).
Curtain Tracks

Glide & Ripple Tracks

Hand Drawn Glide
Cord Drawn Glide
Urban Glide
Avant Glide
Hand Drawn Ripple
Cord Drawn Ripple
Urban Ripple
Avant Ripple
Somfy Motorised Curtain Tracks
Recess Fascia

Glide Options

Glide Master Carriers
Straight Arm Left Hand | Straight Arms Right Hand | Overlap Arm Left Hand
Glide Runners
Ball Bearing Runner
Glide Wands
Perspex 900mm, 1500mm & 1900mm, Aluminium 1500mm

Ripple Options

Ripple Master Carriers
Left Hand (Cord Drawn – Butt arm) | Right Hand (Cord Drawn – overlap arm)
Left Hand Straight Arm | Right Hand Overlap Arm
Ripple Runners
Snap pendant, used with press stud curtain tape Hook Pendant, used with hook tape.
Ripple Wands
Perspex 900mm, 1500mm & 1900mm, Aluminium 1500mm
Glide & Ripple Curtain Tracks Family

Glide & Ripple Options

Somfy Motorised Curtain Tracks
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