Battery vs AC Mains Motors

One of the fundamental choices you have to come to terms with is whether you will be using Battery or AC Mains motors. If you are planning a new build you may have the luxury of choosing between the two. If you are renovating you may be limited by your current electrical infrastructure. Below we explore the advantages and disadvantages of the different power sources.
Motorising Blinds

Benefits of Motorising your Blinds

Motorising Blinds

Battery & AC Motors

Battery Motors
AC Mains Motors

Advantages of Battery Motors

  • Quick and easy to implement
  • No construction or electrician is necessary
  • No need to conceal wires

Disadvantages of AC Mains Motors

  • The battery will need charging once a year.
  • A battery takes +/-6 hours to recharge.

Advantages of AC Mains Motors

  • No charging necessary
  • Can drive larger blinds
  • Quieter than battery motors

Disadvantages of AC Mains Motors

  • Providing power to the blind can be expensive and inconvenient.
  • You need to conceal a cable from the blind to the plug.
Blind Motorisation

Blinds that can be Motorised

Automated Blinds

Blind Control

Hand Held Remote
Wall Mounted Switch
App Control
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