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Open Plan Living Room Blinds

Open Plan Living Room Blinds

Seamless Effect

Open Plan Living areas are a popular modern trend. The focus is on creating seamless transitions from one space to the other in an area that is likely to be central to your daily routine.

When selecting a window treatment it would be key to creating the same seamless effect across all your windows in the space. Popular choices would be our SheerWeave Screen Roller Blind that can form a functional base for all your windows, controlling heat and glare, while providing an elegant sophisticated look.

The Roller Blind can be coupled with a Ripple Shade Blind to provide an additional layer to provide night privacy (if necessary) or simply to dress your windows.

A Sliding Panel Blind is also an effective product for wide-format windows that often make up open-plan living areas. The Sliding Panel can also be used to divide a room while stacking to the side when not in use.

The Allusion Blind is an innovative hybrid product that provides views of the outside and privacy by tilting the slats. The Allusion Blind also has the unique capability of being able to walk through the blind while in the closed position.
Blinds By Room

Decorating your Open Plan Living Room

  • Keep it uniform
  • Motorise and schedule via the app
  • Try and keep your view
  • Use products suitable for larger windows
Open Plan Living Room Blinds

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