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Living Room Blinds

Living Room Blinds

Natural Heat & Light

Keeping with the common social area, let’s move into the living room – the place where families come to connect, unwind and relax together. This space, being a social room, needs a delicate balance of heat and light to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for everybody to be at ease in each other’s company.

For this room, we’d go with the gorgeous SheerWeave Blind which is an excellent option for filtering natural heat and light. SheerWeave blinds not only diffuse the harsh effects of the Sun’s natural rays, but they also allow you to keep your view. Consider motorizing with rechargeable motors which will provide you with the convenience and control you require in an area that is often used. You can also control the blinds via an app on your phone and set timers and events to make your home truly convenient and energy-efficient.

The Sheerweave Blind does not provide evening privacy. This may or may not be an issue depending on your aspect and surroundings. If it is, consider a second layer to provide evening privacy and dress your window. The Ripple Shade is also a great product to do this. Suitable for wide windows, it provides the luxury of a curtain with the structure and function of a blind.
Blinds By Room

Decorating Your Living Room

  • Consider light and heat control
  • Motorise and schedule via the app
  • Try and keep your view
  • Consider glare for your screens
Living Room Blinds

Other Living Room Blinds

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