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Work Space Blinds

Work Space Blinds

High Performance

The Work Office is often a demanding environment in which to install window blinds. Modern offices have a high density of people who are often working in close proximity to a window. Heat, glare, and light control are all key factors.

Modern buildings also use a high proportion of glass with facades facing North, West, East, and South exposing occupants to all of the extremes of the seasons. A high-performance product is key in an office environment. Your blind needs to be specifically chosen to provide the correct amount of heat and light control to suit the building’s architecture.

The Sheerweave Screen Blind provides heat and glare control while still allowing views of the outside. The fabrics are available in different openness factors to allow a trade-off between views to the outside as well as heat and light control.

The Double Roller Blind is a fantastic alternative for extremely demanding environments. Allowing for two Roller Blinds to be installed in one cassette and allowing you to use the different fabrics to control the environment at different times of the day.

Building automation is a trend and blind motors are able to integrate with building automation systems to automate the control to respond to weather and seasonal conditions.

It is strongly advised to consult a professional to ensure that the correct product is specified for your office to ensure a productive and energy-efficient work environment.
Blinds By Room

Decorating Your Work Space

  • Enhance natural light
  • Performance is key
  • Save energy and improve working conditions
  • Consider recycled or green products
Work Space Blinds

Other Work Space Blinds

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