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Moodboard Collections

The Blind Designs moodboards collection is designed to inspire. We have picked themes from the latest trends in décor and put various storyboards together to showcase a collection of products and colours that will complement the trend.

Please feel free to take advantage of our sample service by ordering sample swatches or cuttings of the particular colours that interest you. These samples will be couriered to your door for you to make your own storyboard or match with your other finishes.

The mood boards below have been compiled over time and are designed to represent a broad range of décor styles and tastes.

We do hope you enjoy a visual journey of how our blinds might help you reflect your style!

  • Imibala

    Design Style: Artistic

    Imibala is a celebration of colour and expression. The vibrant colour palette marks a shift away from the pursuit of neutrals and celebrates the use of colour with liberal doses of vibrant colours.
  • Amanzi

    Design Style: Coastal

    This fresh, crisp style has a palette filled with light, airy colours. Harnessing energy from the blue majestic ocean to more neutral shades, inspiring a sense of open living.
  • Impande

    Design Style: Contemporary

    A truly Southern African palette with inspiration drawn from our rich culture, rugged landscapes, and natural elements.
  • Bosveld

    Design Style: Transitional

    A palette filled with natural elements, inspired by the African veld, enhancing a sense of balance by creating a calm and relaxing space.
  • Spice

    Design Style: Bohemian

    The Bohemian palette is a celebration of both the new and the old. The eclectic collection of colour and texture is a fantastic base from which to express your personal style.
  • Namib

    Design Style: Modern Rustic

    A modern African palette featuring colours and textures inspired by the majestic vistas of the Namib Dessert.
  • Reflection

    Design Style: Modern

    A refreshingly crisp and simple palette that will brighten and distinguish any interior space.
  • Thunderstorm

    Design Style: Contemporary

    A dramatic and deep palette inspired by the colours and depth of an African Thunderstorm.
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