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Bathroom Blinds

Bathroom Blinds

Easy Light & Privacy

Bathroom blinds need to be functional. Taking care of privacy while still facilitating light control, also provides an opportunity to make a bold décor statement in a room you will spend time in daily.

A Wood or Retro Venetian Blind is an ever-popular choice for a bathroom blind. The ability to tilt the slat provides quick and easy light and privacy control. The Vision Blind is a modern alternative to a Venetian and provides quick adjustment between view and privacy settings to allow similar control.

For the ultimate architectural statement consider a hinged or double-hinged Altra Shutter. The durable aluminium finish is fully water-resistant with stainless fittings, while still providing the soft elegant look of a timber shutter.

A simple Roller Blind in the bathroom is a simplistic décor statement and remains a popular bathroom blind.
Blinds By Room

Decorating Your Bathroom

  • Consider privacy
  • Consider how much light you need
  • Motorise if control is difficult
  • Smaller Windows? Make a Statement!
  • Consider cleaning
Bathroom Blinds

Other Bathroom Blinds

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