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Colour Swatches

Light Filtering Fabric

Ripple Shade Blinds (also known as a wave or ripple curtain) is a contemporary window treatment that brings a delicate soft ?ow to your window covering.


Hobart Bedouin
Hobart Buff
Hobart Clay
Hobart Jasmin
Hobart Slate
Hobart Straw
Hobart Vanilla
Hobart White
Dunedin Cappucino
Dunedin Chic Shadow
Dunedin Homestead
Dunedin Lily
Dunedin Misty Cove
Dunedin Noble
Dunedin Peony
Dunedin Silver Fox
Dunedin Snowfall
Dunedin Star
Dunedin Tint

You may order up to 5 pieces per delivery

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