The perfect blinds for your view .

October 31, 2017 By user_admin

So, imagine this…

You’ve just moved into a home with a beautiful view over-looking the ocean or maybe you’ve just done some landscaping around your garden. Wouldn’t it be unfortunate to sit indoors and miss out on that view?

What if you sat indoors with the blinds all open so that you could enjoy your view? Well, the harsh rays of the sun can get quite uncomfortable. On the other hand, closing your blinds could feel like a terrible betrayal to that beautiful view!

The good news is that you don’t need choose between your comfort and enjoying your view. You can have both with our SheerWeave blinds!

Add a curtains with a patterned fabric


In all it’s glory, the SheerWeave blind is probably one of our most popular blinds and I’ll tell you why.

1. It makes your home more comfortable

SheerWeave blinds are made from an interior sun control fabric that manages the natural heat and glare that enters your space. If you’re watching something on a TV or computer screen and the sun shifts into an unfavourable position, simple adjust your SheerWeave blind and let the fabric work it’s magic.

2. They are environmentally friendly

SheerWeave blinds are made from a fabric that is Green gaurd certified, meaning the fabric releases low chemical emissions into the air while in use. The SheerWeave fabric is also lead free and bacteria and fungal resistant. Making it ideal for homes located near the ocean.

3. Best of all, they are stunning and let you keep your view

Probably the best benefit of all, is the ability for SheerWeave blinds to look effortlessly elegant within most settings! It doesn’t stop there though, while these blinds are stylish, their dashing good looks also allow you to keep a view of your outdoor space (which is probably equally as gorgeous).

The darker the SheerWeave fabric the better it is to see outside while the blinds are closed, whereas lighter fabric reflect heat.

The SheerWeave blind can be motorised for your convenience, find a distributor near you to get a quote.