Sliding Panel Blinds .

Wide Format Blinds

The Sliding Panel System is an elegant and bold shading solution for larger windows and patio doors and may be used as a room divider. The blind encompasses large panels of fabric which stack neatly behind one another when open, allowing maximum light while radiating maximum style. To control light, simply slide the panels to the required position.

Max Width: 5700mm
Max Length: 3600mm
Privacy: Screens: Day Privacy diffused views / Light Filtering: Moderate to Substantial Blockout:Complete Privacy
Light Control: Diffused light to Full Blockout dependant on fabric.
Operation: Cord or Wand / 220V Motor / Battery Motor
Cleaning: Dependant on fabric, refer to specific fabric cleaning instructions.
Suitable for: Wide windows or as a room divider.
Avoid: Hard working or commercial environments. Windy areas. Areas where you cannot afford to lose stacking space on the side of the window.

Accessories Available

220V Motorisation
Battery Motorisation

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Alternate contrasting fabrics

Suitable for wide openings

Striking visual presence

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