Sleep more peacefully .

March 26, 2017 By user_admin

The bedroom – a place of calm, peacefulness, serenity… well at least it should be.

Setting your bedroom up to be a quiet and peaceful resting place is really a matter of getting all the right elements in place and having them all work together. Think about what it should smell like, the colour scheme and even your “window situation”.

Whether you know it or not, your choice in window coverings can have a huge impact on the quality of sleep that you have. If for instance, if your windows are bare (Okay that’s a little extreme – but let’s go with it) the sun would greet you with it’s very bright “hello” a lot earlier than you might like.

Enter Block out Roller blinds.

Featured in today’s blog is an elegant installation by Blind Rage, which shows off the versatility, functionality and elegance of block out roller blinds.

Roller block out blinds

This particular installation compliments the neutral interior colour scheme, always an essential factor in choosing your blinds. Functionally, block out blinds allow you as the homeowner to enjoy full privacy when the blinds are closed (add motorisation and you can enjoy a late morning just with the click of a button).

Roller block out blinds bathroom

Block out blinds are versatile and while they can be a applied to a variety of spaces in your home, they work best in places where home owners are looking for uninterrupted privacy when the blinds are down and an uninterrupted view when the blinds are up.

Block out blinds for the bedroom

Blind Rage has added wooden valances to the top of the blinds to give the finishing touches; also making the blinds look modern.

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