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Altra Shutters allow for you to control light and privacy by tilting the adjustable slats. The Altra Aluminium Shutter is designed to simulate the appearance and clean lines of a timber plantation shutter, whilst delivering all the strength and benefits of an Aluminium shutter. The Altra Shutter’s Aluminium construction provides key benefits in terms of weight, durability and allowing for the manufacture of wide panels.


Altra Hinged Shutter

Altra Hinged Shutters (available in one and two panel configurations) will be the focal point of your room. The Aluminium material is durable and easy to clean and is beautifully finished to simulate the elegance of traditional timber plantation shutter.

Altra Double Hinged Shutter

Altra Double Hinged Shutters features a hinged shutter in the traditional fold away away style of a shutter. The advantage of the Double Hinged Shutter is a distinct traditional look, and also makes better use of interior space when opening.

Altra Fold Shutter

Altra Fold Shutters consist of panels that are connected to each other and fold to the side. The Shutters fold away on a top and bottom track. Panels can be configured to stack to the left or right or be split. The Altra Fold is suitable for wider windows or openings.