Outdoor Blind, Outdoor Blinds, Blind Designs

Outdoor Blind, Outdoor Blinds, Blind Designs
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The Outdoor Blind is the modern alternative for your patio. The hi-tech fabrics manage heat and glare on your patio while maintaining the view. The Outdoor Blind will allow you maximum use of your external entertainment areas by stopping heat and glare and also providing a degree of weather protection while maintaining your view. A patio blind is a wonderful way to increase your use of external entertainment areas by providing protection against the sun’s heat and glare.


Free Hang Blinds

Lower and raise the blind using a removable crank handle or motorise your blind. The blind is secured at the bottom using a choice of hold down clips, which allow the blind to remain down during windy weather.

Channel X Blinds

Channel X Outdoor Blinds feature side channels to enclose the blind. This makes the blind safer to lift up and down, gives a complete wall to wall finish and provides for better insulation and weather protection.

MDock Wire Guide Blinds

The MDock system features easy tensioning of cables, the smallest possible gap at the bottom of the blind, top quality fittings and fixtures and a magnetic hold down system when the blind is in the down position.