Spring Styling .

September 01, 2019 By Kenosi

Spring Styling, Spring Styling, Blind Designs

Spring is here and what better way to usher in a new season than

to refresh the style of your home and bring in a new energy!

We’ve put together a few tips for how you can refresh your space this season and add a little playfulness along the way.

Spring Styling, Spring Styling, Blind Designs

Tip 1: A light filtering blind solution is your best friend

The one thing we usually look forward to the most during Spring is saying “hello” to more sun again. But, we all know that having too much heat and light coming through your windows can be quite overbearing.

Balance heat and light with our SheerWeave blinds range.

SheerWeave fabric have different levels of “open and closedness”, meaning you can choose the perfect level of heat and light control just by picking the perfect fabric.

Spring Styling, Spring Styling, Blind Designs

Tip 2: The bolder the better

When it comes to the colour of your interior, we’re definitely seeing a shift towards warmer and more muted colours. If you’re planning to redecorate during this season though, we definitely encourage looking into how you can use colour to add a pop of interest to your space.


Have a look at our designer fabric range for ideas of bold blind designs.

Spring Styling, Spring Styling, Blind Designs


Tip 3: Opt for a day and night solution

One of the greatest parts of Spring is how often we look to transition from day time to night time. Whether it’s with your outfit of the day or running through your home schedule. When it comes to your home, it can be quite beneficial to have your interior transition seamlessly between day and night. The great news is your blinds are a straightforward way to achieve this.

One of our day/night solutions are Vision blinds, which feature two layers of fabric that move easily passed each other to transition from “open” position and “closed” position.

Spring Styling, Spring Styling, Blind Designs

Find out more about our blinds offering here or if you’re sold already, find a distributor to help with measuring and installation here!