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Outdoor Blinds

Lower and raise the blind using a removable crank handle or motorise your blind. The blind is secured at the bottom using a choice of hold down clips, which allow the blind to remain down during windy weather.

Max Width: 5700mm
Max Length: 6000mm
Privacy: Daytime views & privacy / Night time no privacy (One privacy range available)
Light Control: Diffused light
Operation: Crank Handle / 220V motor
Cleaning: Can be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth.
Suitable for: Controlling sun and glare and a degree of weather protection for your patio. Can also be used for large interior applications.
Avoid: VAreas where it will not be possible to utilise the hold down system to retain the blind when fully lowered. Avoid if you require full weather protection for the outdoor area.

Accessories Available

220V Motorisation

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Keep your view to the outside

Broad range of modern colours

Works well in most applications

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