Double Roller Blinds .

Day & Night Blinds

Two Roller Blinds enclosed in one neat cassette system with a minimal footprint in your window reveal. The blinds, controlled separately, offer a screen fabric to allow daytime views and privacy and a full blockout for full night control and privacy. Get the best of both worlds with one neat solution.

Max Width: 2500mm
Max Length: 3000mm
Privacy: Drop the screen fabric to achieve daytime privacy with views. Drop the blockout for full light control and privacy.
Light Control: Adjustable / Diffused light or Full Blockout.
Operation: Plastic or steel chain mechanism / Crank Handle control / 220V Motor / Battery Motor
Cleaning: Dependant on fabric, refer to specific fabric cleaning instructions.
Suitable for: Windows where you require full control of light and privacy and do not wish to have two separate products.
Avoid: Suitable for most applications.

Accessories Available

220V Motorisation
Battery Motorisation

Gallery .

Soothing screen or full blockout

Each layer individually controlled

Optional Motorisation

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