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July 05, 2020 By Kenosi

CoronaSafe Blinds

Blinds that make your space “Corona Safe”

While we aim to put into place processes that will help us keep our space as safe as possible, it also helps to have products in place that are equally working to do the same.

Have you ever considered how your choice in blinds can help make you space safer ?

CoronaSafe™ by Louvolite helps enhance the level of hygiene in your space (home & work), read on to find out exactly how this technology works.

What is CoronaSafe™ ?

CoronaSafe (developed by Louvolite) is a new coating that when applied to Carnival and Carnival Blockout fabric blinds renders the surface of the fabric “Coronasafe”.
When applied to Carnival and Carnival blockout fabrics, Louvolite CoronaSafe™ eliminated 99% of the virus from the fabric’s surface within one hour.

Where is CoronaSafe™ used?

An essential for homes, offices, schools, hospitality and healthcare sectors who need to make areas where people gather as safe as possible and protect against the spread of Coronavirus.
Contact us to find out more about CoronaSafe™ here.
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