Outdoor Blinds

  • Weather, light and sun control for outdoor areas
  • Heavy duty systems allow for wide openings to be done in one span
  • Various fabrics available to compliment your specific requirement
  • Motorised systems allow for effortless operation
  • Side Channel and Wire Guide system available

The Outdoor Blind allows you to make full use of your external commercial environments. A range of fabrics and system are available to suit you specific requirements. Screen Fabrics are available that allow to keep your view while controlling weather, wind, heat and glare.

All hardware is designed to be robust in external and coastal environments. Motorised options are available too

Blind Designs Tech Spec Outdoor Free Hang.pdf
Blind Designs MDock.pdf
Outdoor Broch 2016.pdf
Soltis 86.pdf
SunTex 90 Design Swatch Card V15.pdf
SunTex 95 Swatch Card V17.pdf