Cellular Blinds.

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Our stylish range of cellular blinds create a whole new look for your homeand will provide shade and privacy all year round.
The incredibly efficient cellular blinds not only look great but also help keep energy costs down. Their unique honeycomb structure creates a thermal barrier between the room and window to provide additional insulation.

Max Width: 2200mm
Max Length: 3000mm (fabric and weight limitations may apply)
Privacy: Light Filtering: Moderate to Substantial. Blockout: Complete Privacy.
Light Control: Diffused light to Full blockout dependant on fabric
Operation: Cord control with cordlock
Can be adapted for skylight use
Cleaning: Fabric can be dusted and vacuumed with a brush attachment
Suitable for: Areas where extra insulation is required or areas with limited space in the opening to install.
Avoid: Suitable for most applications

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