Indoor & Outdoor Trend The trend towards Indoor & Outdoor spaces has been on a steady rise. Since Summer is already here, it’s only fitting that we look into how to create such spaces. It’s time for us to start enjoying relaxing afternoons outdoor again. The key to enjoying your outdoor space is making sure that you have a comfortable environment to be in. These types of spaces are perfect for alfresco entertaining and relaxing without exposure to the elements. One of the benefits of indoor/outdoor areas is opening up your interior space to feel bigger, more open and merge with the natural elements ofRead More →

Blinds that make your space “Corona Safe” While we aim to put into place processes that will help us keep our space as safe as possible, it also helps to have products in place that are equally working to do the same. Have you ever considered how your choice in blinds can help make you space safer ? CoronaSafe™ by Louvolite helps enhance the level of hygiene in your space (home & work), read on to find out exactly how this technology works. What is CoronaSafe™ ? CoronaSafe (developed by Louvolite) is a new coating that when applied to Carnival and Carnival Blockout fabric blindsRead More →

High Clarity - The Shield Safety Products - Safety Shield Suspension Screen Image

Enhancing the level of hygiene in our homes & work spaces is definitely top of mind as we’re spending more time inside. Did you know that there are ways your choice in window coverings can enhance the level of hygiene in your home & office space? 3 hygiene enhancing window covering options Anti-microbial fabric with Microban Microban technology is built-in antimicrobial protection that gives products an added level of protection against microbes such as stain and odour causing bacteria, mould and mildew. The fabric in our SheerWeave blinds contain Microban anti-microbial technology.   2. Motorisation as a “low touch” solution Control your blinds and curtainsRead More →

These blinds are beautiful, but how do I clean them? We get asked this question quite frequently and understand how this can be an area of concern before committing to buying the stunning Vision blind. Here are a few picks to walk you through a few things you can do to clean these beauties and make sure they stay looking as great as when you first got them. Let’s start with a quick 101 on what Vision blinds are: Now, straight into how they are cleaned: Email us for more assistance with Vision Blinds: info@www.blinddesigns.co.za XXX Reflect Your Style XXXXRead More →

A BLIND TO HELP KEEP YOUR STAFF & CUSTOMERS SAFER Shield Safety Hanging blinds are a neat and modern solution to help protect your employees in situations where it is difficult to maintain social distancing in the office or factory. The screen comprises of a clear vinyl Roller Blind that is suspended from the ceiling and can be positioned to separate staff as an added precaution. In addition to offering a layer of protection, the Shield Safety Blinds offer these benefits: Provide separation while offering visibility Neat and modern solution Support social distancing Can be adjusted to the desired height Available in manual or motorizedRead More →