Be a little more playful with your decor .

February 26, 2017 By user_admin

Want to add a little playfulness to your decor without it looking like a children’s party exploded in your home?

According to Apartment therapy ”homes that layer in different styles are dynamic and interesting. But too much mixing and your eye doesn’t know where to land, and winds up confused and unhappy. The most successful rooms seek some common ground, where everything finds a way to get along.”

We’ve come up with a few tips for you to consider when decorating your home for a playful edge.

The 5 P’s of playful

Designer Roller blinds

1. A pop of colour: Colour is a great way to lift the mood of your interior, however the trick is to be consistent in your colour choice and to pair bright colours against a neutral setting. If you have plain white walls, cupboards and chairs a colourful designer fabric blind can add an extra dimension to your space.

image from Pinterest

2. A piece of statement art: Adding a bold piece of art makes a statement about your decor and at the same time creates a focal point of attention for the eye to focus on. You can then mix and match the styles around that art piece to ensure that everything has a common thread and compliments each other well.

Image from Pinterest

3. Pattern your place: Adding a pattern to your decor can definitely lighten the mood in your space and when done right, you can achieve a sophisticated playful atmosphere. The trick here is to keep patterns more or less within the same family group and limit the number of patterned items you pair.

Designer fabric Vision blinds

4. Pair Pastels: If you’re keen to mix and match different colour patterns, the safest way to get a subtle match is by pairing pastels. If you’re looking to pair bold colours instead, stick to two colours that compliment each other; make one colour the dominant and the other a more subordinate feature.


5. Get professional creativity: Getting a professional onboard to help inspire your creative flair is generally a great idea. The image above features a roller blind from the designer fabric collection. Getting professional advice is a safe way to try something different that you’re not entirely sure about.

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