Altra Double Hinged Shutter .

Altra Shutters

Altra Double Hinged Shutters features a hinged shutter in the traditional fold away style of a shutter.
Altra Double Hinged Shutters will have either 2 Panels (both folding to the left or right) or 4 Panels, 2 folding left and 2 folding right, or six panel configurations.
The advantage of the Double Hinged Shutter is a distinct traditional look, the Double Hinged Shutter also makes better use of the interior space when opening and is easier to accommodate obstructions in the room.

Max Width:550mm (per panel)
Max Length:2850mm
Privacy:Adjustable by tilting the slat. Allows for views and full privacy.
Light Control:Adjustable by tilting the slat / Diffused light.
Operation:Slats (connected by a secret tilt rod) can be adjusted by hand. The Entire Shutter can be opened for access or cleaning
Cleaning:Can be dusted and cleaned with a wet cloth
Suitable for:Windows where a mixture of privacy, sun control and views are required. Suitable for areas that cannot accommodate a large hinged shutter when opened.
Avoid:Very narrow windows. Areas that do not have space or have obstructions to hinge open

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