A little texture, a lot of colour and other tends for 2017 .

March 19, 2017 By user_admin

Last month we had a look at some really interesting colour forecasts for 2017. The colour green has been named as the Pantone colour of the year for 2017 and complementing are a mix of both bold and muted tones.

Now, we know how fashion tends to dictate decor trends for the year, so along with a strong range of colours we can expect too see many fashion trends making their way into our homes. Trends such as textured fabrics, mixed patterns and navy as the new black.

Today, we have a look at some of these trends in a little more detail and we look at the differing ways which we could work these trends into our homes as everyday decor.

Venetian blinds

What can we expect to see as top trends in home decor magazines this year?

  • Bright green

Green has been named the Pantone colour of the year for 2017, so we can expect to see quite a lot of it popping up in different shapes and forms. Whether it makes an appearance as a wall colour or a supersize rug filling up the room, Green will make  a strong come back in the world of decor and design this year. If you’re not too keen on using the colour in large chunks, you could always add some minor accents of green to your decor as a way of test driving the colour to see if it suits your tastes.

Working green into Sliding Panel blinds

  • Mixed/Tropical patterns

We know that Interior design trends tend to come right from fashion runways and this year we’ve seen the likes of Marc Jacobs and Prada experiment with lovely tropical patterns. These sort of patterns will also start appearing in the interior design space in the form of wallpaper and designer fabrics. If these type of “in your face” prints aren’t up your alley, fear not! There is always the option of using patterns in small doses, like adding the occasional wildly patterned scattered cushion to switch things up a little.

  • Texture

I have to say that texture is not particularly new trend to the window coverings. We’ve seen this trend show parts of itself once before in our previous Designer Fabric collection. But, it looks like this year texture will take centre stage instead of playing the silent support. We’re seeing more and more items becoming textured such as lighting fixtures to fabrics and wallpapers.

A quick way to test this trend out in your home is by getting chunky woollen throw and putting it over a leather chair or sofa, what do you think?

  • Navy is the new black

Next to green rising as the super-colour, we’ll see Navy shine as the new alternative to black. While we’ll see more modern twists on a traditional classic, the great thing about Navy os that it pairs quite well with a variety of colours and it gives your space a moodiness without making it look smaller like what black does. A great way to incorporate the colour to your decor is by upholstering a couch with navy fabric or paint your kitchen island with a moody blue, the dark shade will give your home a modern and fresh vibe.

  • Muted colours

This has to be one of my favourite trends this year, the rise of muted colours. There has always been a quiet attraction about muted colours, but this year that attraction will become stronger and bolder. For those of you who like me, are consciously afraid of overly bright and bold colours, it  is a great sigh of relief to see something more subtle trending in the colour space. The trend will see the steady rise of whites, beige, pale greys, hazelnut and blush pink leading the pack.

Adding muted colours to your home is almost like adding any essential, like a white wall or pale grey couch – there’s very little room for things to go wrong. What you want to try and do is mix up the variety of pales colours that you use, so that you’re not just sticking to one colour – that can make things look a little pale across your space.

We’ve had a look at a few great trends that will come out of 2017 and the different ways that you can implement them, but if you’re looking for an even easier way to work the latest trends into your everyday decor, our Designer Fabric collection is definitely made for you.

The Designer Fabric range is a great collection of materials that are designed with all of the latest colour and pattern trends in mind.  The fabric these trends into beautifully designed window coverings; creating a range that really gives you a unique set of options for reflecting your style!

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