Three compelling reasons to motorise your blinds


Chances are the last thing you thought about when searching for the perfect blinds is whether you should motorise them or not… you may be on the fence about this one and rightfully so. Motorised blinds may seem like a gorgeous nice to have but maybe you’re not too sure about whether it’s right for the type of blinds you want to order at the moment? Or you’re not sure about whether they really are all that great? Or maybe you just need that extra bit of information to sway your mind.

So, what are my options when it comes to motorisation

When it comes to motorising your blinds, you have two options to decide from, battery operated blinds or electric motorisation.

The battery option is fantastic for anyone who wants a quick, hassle free solution as this option doesn’t require an electrician.

The benefits of a Wire-free solution

Battery operated blinds are also known as the wire-free solution and with this come three key benefits:


A motorised blind solution gives you the ability to control your blind/blinds right at the tip of your fingers and in the comfort of your seat; with the ability to use a remote that controls up to 16 groups of blinds.



Adjust the comfort levels in your room by putting your blinds on a timer to raise or lower groups of blinds at certain times. What’s even better is that with a sensor you are able to condition the adjustment by the weather, which is great for adjusting the temperature and lighting in the room using natural sources of heat and light.



Put your blinds in security mode to raise and lower your blinds randomly in your absence. So you won’t have to worry about your house looking empty while you’re away.

But that’s not the only safety benefit that you can look forward to, without any cords hanging freely, you can also look forward to the piece of mind that comes with knowing that your children are safe from any choking or strangulation hazards.

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