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Luxury Lounges

What’s in a lounge… What’s in your lounge? Well, besides your comfy couches, your sturdy coffee table and that sentimental rug… what makes your lounge the ultimate space for leisure in your home? Pictured in glossy home owner magazines are luxurious, ultra stylish and modern looking lounges; a picture representing a distant “if only…” to most home…

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Featured in today’s blog update is an elegant installation by Blind Rage, which shows off the versatility, functionality and elegance of block out roller blinds. This particular installation compliments the neutral interior colour scheme, always an essential factor in choosing your blinds. Functionally, block out blinds allow you as the homeowner to enjoy full privacy…

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Block-out blinds for your bedroom

We call them the perfect blinds for easy styling. Roller Blinds are simple in design, stylish and easy to operate… and before you enjoy that elaborate yawn, these blinds are far from boring. Roller blinds have a wide range of fabrics and textures to match any kind of décor. Some fabrics available for roller blinds even…

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